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The curing of epoxy ab glue is mainly A component of the curing agent of epoxy resin and B component chemical reaction, since is A chemical reaction, so only when epoxy resin and curing agent all finished reaction, even completely cured, but it is the ideal state, actually also is impossible, but we also try to make the reaction as completely as possible, so as to better play to the ab glue after curing characteristics; Ab glue ratio? The general manufacturers will have a recommended by mixing proportion, normally we use process strictly manufacturers recommended according to the proportion of homework is ok; According to individual be fond of or early in order to accelerate the curing reaction speed to adjust the proportion of.

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So, the ratio of epoxy resin ab glue what effect will not accurate? Will have what problem? China and the material for you to answer:

1, glue not cure, always will be a liquid or a liquid or mud; Possible reasons: curing agent put too little or too much difference in ratio ()

2, this should be a hard rubber glue after curing is soft, possible reasons: the ratio of glue is not correct: such as not according to weight ratio than or deflection (curing agent is more or less will likely have this situation)

3, some glue curing, some glue not cured or curing incomplete, possible reasons: don't stir evenly

4, after curing glue surface is very uneven, or many bubbles, possible reasons: the early stage of the fast curing, curing agent and is likely to produce excess

5, after curing glue surface with oil pollution, possible reasons: excessive curing agent, or other factors

6, after curing structural difference, stick relay is low

, etc., through the understanding of the above, we know the importance of ratio of ab glue is correct, so in the process of operation, we must be in strict accordance with the requirements of the manufacturers matching operation, to avoid to produce needless issue!

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